How to Set Up Rec•Run™

Before you can enjoy the excitement of the game, you need to know how to set up the course. Watch as Alec and Adam walk you through how to get the game course done in no time!

How to Play Rec•Run™

Now that you have the course set up, gather your friends to play an exciting game of Rec-Run! Never played before? That’s OK! Alec walks you through some of the basic rules and strategies to get started.

How to unpack Rec•Run™

You’ve got the package, but what do you do with it? We show you how to get all of the components unpacked and ready for use. 

Keeping Rec•Run™ organized

The day of fun is over and you’re ready to leave. We show you how to pack everything at the end of the day.

The Official Rules of Rec-Run

General Rules

Rec-Run can be played with three (3) or more players, depending on which game mode you choose! Play in FREE MODE for an all-out-free-for-all, or grab your squad and play TEAM MODE. Rec-Run can be played at a course length of 60, 70, 80, or 90 feet. Find a nice plot of grass, an open spot on the beach, or any flat surface and begin setting up Rec-Run. One team (or player) will be up to swing; this player is known as the RUNNER. The other team (or players) will be pitching and out in the field – they will be know as the FIELDERS. The RUNNERS are alloted two (2) outs in TEAM MODE, or one (1) out in FREE MODE before switching sides. FIELDERS are not permitted to enter or step into the course lines. RUNNERS are allowed to refuse to swing at a pitch they don’t like, however, the RUNNER is only allowed one (1) swing. Once they swing, it’s final!

Sliding in


Only the RUNNER can score by making it through the flags without getting out. Every time a RUNNER makes it the flags without getting out, they score one (1) point. In TEAM MODE, the first team to score eleven (11) points wins. In FREE MODE, the first player to score four (4) points wins. However, in both modes, in order to score on the last point, the running team (or player) must hit the ball past the GAME POINT LINE labeled on the course. If the ball is not hit past the GAME POINT LINE while trying to score the last point, the RUNNER will have to redo the hit. Additionally, if a FIELDER steps into the course lines, the running team scores a point as well.


In TEAM MODE, the running team will be allowed two (2) outs before having to switch with the fielding team. In FREE MODE, the RUNNER will be allowed one (1) out before switching off with a FIELDER. There are five (5) ways for a runner to get out


1. The RUNNER is tagged or pegged with the ball before  they reach the flags while running down course.


2. The RUNNER steps outside of the course while running to the flags. (All RUNNERS must run and remain inside the course while trying to make it to the flags at the other end.)

3. The RUNNER hits the ball in the air and the ball is caught by a FIELDER.

4. The RUNNER hits the ball and the ball rolls behind the mat.

5. The RUNNER swings at the ball and misses. Remember, the RUNNER must make a full swing!


1. RUNNERS must take full swings on the ball and cannot purposely tap or bunt the ball to try to make it fall short. The ball can go short or far depending on the RUNNER’s accuracy of a full swing.

2. FIELDERS cannot step inside the course that the RUNNER is running down. A FIELDER stepping inside the course will result in a point for the running team.

3. Hitting the ball in one of the OUT OF BOUNDS zones, which runs directly horizontal to the mat and RUNNER will result in a redo.